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Robert McDonald – USO/ Viking ship.

My personal view:

After spending 6 days in Bergen, Norway (May 2012) in the company of Robert McDonald,

(4 days at a remote mountain farm + 2 days at the venue)

I feel it is my obligation to tell the public about Robert McDonald´s many claims.

All claims I am writing about, has been heard by multiple witnesses or are written statements from Robert McDonald.

Before the 3 day UFO conference started, Robert was saying that Dan Aykroyd would be coming to the conference in Bergen, which he did not do.

Robert said that Discovery channel and National Geographic channel were coming to the conference, which they did not do.

Robert told the organizers of the Bergen conference, that there were 77 mails on his facebook page from people wanting to come to the conference, but when they asked him to forward these, they got none.

(Tejre Wulfsberg and Ann-Kristin Normann, has given me permission to release this information).

On blogtalk radio on April the 2012 he claims that 10 USOs are on the ports of major cities in the Baltic, whereas at the conference he claimed that they all were on leylines. Robert said that these lines were found on a normal globe of the world, which obviously is not correct. (Many other odd claims are made in this radio program).

To my surprise Robert said that Richard Dolan would be stopping by the conference. I am the organizer of Richard´s trip to scandinavia in sept. 2012, and was 99,9% sure that Richard would not be in Europe at this time.  I have spoken with Richard Dolan about this and Richard has no memory of talking about the Bergen conference, nor saying that he might stop by. Richard has shortly spoken to Robert about his USO case.

(Richard Dolan has given me permission to quote this).

 Robert told us that Jeff Dunham might come by the conference, which he did not do.

Robert had brought 3 metal detectors with him to Norway, 2 regular ones and a hand held one.

The handheld one Robert claimed could detect implants, which it might be able to do? But claiming it not only could detect these implants, but also disable the electronics in them.

He claims that Garrett metal detectors, has made this especially for him, and that the detector soon would be for sale.

Here is a link to the detector which Robert was showing everyone

I am at the moment waiting for an answer from Garrett metal detectors in the US.

After using one of his metal detectors alone at the farm, Robert claimed to have found an antics bronze axe that was too heavy to carry back. He was never able to pin point the spot where he claimed to have found the axe.

(Tejre Wulfsberg and Ann-kristin Normann, has given me permission to quote this information).

In these articles from Florida in 2003, his claims surrounding a rare coin find, is also questioned.

Robert claims that UFO Hunters flew him to Roswell and that he found a “hand size” piece of the Roswell debris and that he still has this piece. Robert claims that he and Pat Uskert often go camping.

Pat Uskert has met Robert once after the Ufo Hunters ended. Pat says that Robert never has worked with, or was flown anywhere by the UFO Hunters. Pat Uskert knows nothing of this Roswell debris that Robert claims they found together.

(Pat Uskert has given me permission to quote this).

UK police detective Gary Heseltine listened for ten minutes to Roberts Roswell debris story. Robert not knowing what to do with the artifact, Gary suggested that Robert could send it to him.

(Gary has given me permission to quote this).

He told us that Bill Birnes was at the conference, and had interviewed him, when I looked skeptical, he said that it might not be Bill Birnes, but a person employed by Bill Birnes, who was there. No one else met or saw this person.

Robert also claims that he knows of 3 different lakes in Norway that has USO´s. Interesting since this was Roberts first trip to Norway.

In this radio program from the 20th of may 2012, you can hear some of Roberts claims.  

He makes it sound like it was someone else´s metal detector? Why I do not know.

Robert has claimed that he gave CNN the story of the Baltic sea USO, and that if Peter Lindberg did not do something before the 1st of June 2012, that he would send a diving team down. Robert claims Peter Lindberg can´t afford to dive to the site. Robert also claims that he and Peter Lindberg have ongoing contact with each other.

“I have no interaction what so ever with this Mr. McDonald. We have never been in contact except a few angry written words from me on the "Ocean Explorer" facebook page regarding his claims about being on the site”.

“I think the chance for us to find an alien craft on the bottom is much larger than meeting Mr McDonald out there.”

Peter Lindberg

Ocean X Team

(Peter Lindberg has given his permission to quote his statement).

 Robert claims that he can get Dan Aykroyd to speak at the 2013 Bergen UFO conference. I challenged him on this, saying that I did not believe that Dan Aykroyd spoke at UFO conferences. Roberts reply was that Dan owed him a favour.

Robert claims that he can get Sir Poul McCartney to stop by the 2013 UFO conference in Bergen.

Robert claims that he is working on the new X Files movie as the head of stunts, which he claims is being filmed in Holland at the moment. ??

From my facebook chat:

o    Hi Robert , Great pictures. Did you get home okay? When are you going back to work on the new X files movie? You are up early.


o    Hi Pia,Yes my life always starts at 4am or daylight lol.,just another normal day for me.,it starts with the 400 kids with my new ship project.,then the Media & Tv show.,then my film's ongoing.,I will let you know the dates and locations of the new X-film projects slated across Europe as soon as I here from them.

o    (As a part of my exposure, I have added Robert on facebook).

 Robert claims that he has been in over 400 movies and has been honored by the Stuntmen´s Hall of Fame.

There is no mention of Robert on their website:

Here is also an article where the Hall of Fame claims are made

Robert McDonald was here in Moab, Utah several years ago and asked to be a member ... he is considered an associate member, which means, he showed interest in wanting to help the Hall of Fame gain some notice the world over. The Hall of Fame is dedicated to the stunt people who have gained recognition in the motion picture and television industry and there are those Inductees who have been honored for their outstanding achievements in this honored profession.

Robert is not considered to be an inductee.

John G. Hagner (Founder/CEO)

(John G. Hagner has given me permission to release this statement).

 Here is a couple of links I have found about his Viking boat.

Apparently, McDonald said that when a boat inspector analyzed one of his planks made of 5000 popsicle sticks, he pronounced it 5-times stronger than steel.(!)      

 (That’s pretty strong!!)

- the bottom of the ship was burnt with what the insurance inspectors said must have been "twice the heat of the sun", yet our wooden ship didn't go up in flames.

(Tejre Wulfsberg and Ann-kristin Normann, has given me permission to release this statement).

From Google translate: The ijsstokjesboot of the critically ill Robert McDonald from Emmeloord sunk. According to the American born, the construction broke through the frost.

(google translate is not the best. The boat sank and broke due to frost).

Robert wrote: “I Lost My Ship" after a phone warning, the same day my ship fell in half on lifting (as if cut by a knife), at the conference he used the phrase cut with laser precision.  I have chosen not to put Robert´s photo of the Viking ship´s damages in this statement due to copyright.

We are several people that are of a different opinion than Robert about “cut by a knife” or “laser precision”.

(Tejre Wulfsberg and Ann-kristin Normann, has a photo of the “halved” Viking ship).

Robert claims:

-his home has been shot at 5 times.

-he has been poisoned twice.

-he has been diagnosed with 2 unknown cancers.

-two of his own ship´s crew members "are dead"

- have had 2 unknown electronic looking objects removed from his body (in a dutch hospital).

(Tejre Wulfberg and Ann-kristin Normann has given me permission to release this information).

Yes Robert is ill, and was taking medicine during his trip to Norway. He asked to be put up two days at a hotel because of heath issues. The organizers agreed to this. While Robert was staying at the city hotel he went partying with conference guests, drinking “potato moonshine” as he calls it. (Listen to the radio interview).

I have been unable to find Robert McDonald name on any of the film credits he claims to have worked in.

Sadly there are many doubts concerning Robert´s claims. Robert claims there are 312 witnesses to the Viking ship USO case. I would really like to hear from some of these witnesses about this case.

It disturbs me greatly when people makes false claims and takes advantage of people´s kindness and money.

Robert McDonald is in my opinion, hurting the UFO/USO field.

Pia Knudsen
Speaker at the 2012 Bergen UFO Conference.

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